​Aqua Armor is the solution to Disinfection and Clarification

Aquaculture is a solution for industries across the globe that is breeding, raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants. Since these are aquatic species, water becomes a critical aspect of this farming.

Clean and clear water just perfect for the survival and growth of produce.

Water quality management is essential to reduce toxicity, unwanted organic matter and microbial mass of incoming raw water, thus reducing the mortality rate of shrimps & water born diseases.

Clear water provides good plankton bloom and helps in better penetration of light which improves the photosynthesis and thus the DO level.

Aqua Armor is a revolutionary, one stop solution for water management in Aquaculture. 

Aqua Armor range of products & services focus on enhancing the bio-security of shrimp and fish, thus enhancing the above & ensuring sustainable growth for the aquaculture farmer community and local business.


  1. Aqua Armor D+, CAL+ (Available in 25Kg Bag)

  2. Aqua Armor D, C (Available in 30Kg Drum)


  • Strong oxidizing agent which kills the pathogens and viruses

  • Stable for longer period when properly stored

  • Free flowing powder and high degree of solubility

  • Ensures bio-security